Ecstatically Aligned

Sunday 10th February 2-4 pm at Mudra Yoga London

Join Bess for a bhakti infused workshop that balances form, fluidity and feeling in a vinyasa krama journey to our own universal centre, through the space of the devoted heart. We will explore the well loved and beautifully expressive asana of Camatkarasana (commonly known as wild thing) through its true translation of 'the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart'.

Sequentially, we will build loving awareness and supportive alignment through inner listening of gross to subtle, fertilised with personal intentions and sensible body architecture.

Enjoy deeper heart opening in a progressive flow that explores your offering of the peak posture ( camatkarasana) as-well as playful variations and transitions, wrapped up with meditative space to integrate your experience in guided pranayama and relaxation.

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Body of Breath

Saturday 6th April 2019 2-4 pm Thaxted Yoga

I am delighted to be coming to the beautiful Thaxted Yoga in April with one of my foundational workshops- Body of Breath!

A long time yoga practitioner, experienced teacher and artist, Bess's teachings are embedded in the rich soil of Yoga and Tantra - an embodied and all encompassing approach to vibrant connected living. Bess believes that through embracing even a little yoga everyone can experience tangible life changing benefits!

This April you can join Bess to expand your awareness of the vital currents in the body of breath- known in the ancient yogic language of Sanskrit as the Pranamaya Kosha (the energetic layer of the body). In this workshop Bess will explore foundational principles and techniques from the tradition of hatha yoga, which create a profound shift in our awareness towards the internal energy body.

There is an intimate & subtle connection between breath, body and mind. Discover how the movements of the Prana - vayus, & yogic energy locks- known as bandhas, directly support and awaken asanas, turning them into transformational mudras. These techniques can create shifts within your physical yoga practice and provide a more connected experience.

The workshop will include energising and calming Pranayama, (translating as breath control/expansion) which will be laced throughout the class, clearing the inner pathways and aiding in softening the mind for a serene and blissful meditation.

Address: Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7
Stanbrook, Thaxted




Steady in Sadhana

Saturday January 19th 2-4 pm at Mudra Yoga London

'sometimes we make an effort to slow down the action, but in reality it is presence that makes the action slow down' 

Daniel Odier, The Sacred Texts at the Origins of Tantra

Cultivating steadiness and expanding awareness are integral and transformational threads in a sustained yoga practice. This immersive workshop is dedicated to attuning and softening our focus to the supportive presence within our incredible physical body- the annamaya kosha, through embodying the element of earth. 

Lightening our energetic imprint with spaciousness and stability in a moment to moment slow flow- we will explore rooted subtle strength, deep pulsating hip openers and warming rhythmic movements. Followed by a releasing and restful yoga nidra for a full spectrum yoga sadhana.