Body of Breath

Saturday 6th April 2019 2-4 pm Thaxted Yoga

I am delighted to be coming to the beautiful Thaxted Yoga in April with one of my foundational workshops- Body of Breath!

A long time yoga practitioner, experienced teacher and artist, Bess's teachings are embedded in the rich soil of Yoga and Tantra - an embodied and all encompassing approach to vibrant connected living. Bess believes that through embracing even a little yoga everyone can experience tangible life changing benefits!

This April, as we emerge into the new life energy of spring, you can join Bess to expand your awareness and appreciation of the life giving breath - the vital current that flows through us every day.

The breath is our biggest connector and most intimate partner- both astoundingly individual and completely universal - only you can experience what it feels like to be in each cycle of inhale and exhale, and yet the whole planet and every being breathes!

In this workshop we will explore foundational principles and techniques through movement, posture and specific breathing practices to build a supportive relationship with and understanding of your daily breath and the energising, animating force within- known in yoga as Prana, stemming from the tradition of hatha vinyasa yoga.

These breath expanding techniques-called pranayama, can create deeply supportive shifts within your physical yoga practice and provide a more connected sustainable experience.

The workshop will artfully weave together a flowing postural practice, yogic philosophy and space for practical guided inner explorations to attune us into the Body Of Breath


  • Pancha Prana Vayus: 5 directions of life force energy that pervade body and space an support our movements

  • Yogic Bandhas: energy locks that harness and direct the breath and support the body in postures)

  • Pranayama: energising and calming breath work to balance the flow of energy through the body clearing the inner rivers

  • A serene and blissful meditation

This workshop is suitable for those new to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

Address: Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7
Stanbrook, Thaxted


Breathing Circle

Saturday 4th May 2-4 pm Mudra Yoga London

We will begin with a warming and balancing movement meditation that introduces the yogic concept of the prana vayus ( movements of energy in the breath body) and opens up some much needed space around the heart, lungs and hips for ease of breath, expanded awareness and a comfortable seat for a long and relaxed meditative breathing session- known in sanskrit as Pranayama.

The state of our breath has a direct link to the state of our mind and can be one of the most grounding, energising and illuminating threads in the yogic tapestry.

Pranayama, Pran- life force energy and Ayama- expansion, is a potent, healing and life changing practice for those looking to go deeper on their yoga journey, manage stress and calm the mind. 48 hour cancellation.

Earth Yoga Masterclass and Mandala Workshop

Saturday 18th May 2-5 pm at The Well Garden online booking soon opens

The Earth is our mother, we are her sons and daughters.

Install in me abundantly that fragrance,

which emanates from you, your plants and your waters.

Peaceful, fragrant, gracious to the touch.

May Earth grant me her blessings.

Rig Veda 5.84

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 14.25.44.png

Come together for a celebration of life in creation - in loving appreciation of our fertile planet and solar home, planet earth This special full spectrum elemental yoga and art workshop celebrates all things rooted, rising, growing and flowing- the vibrant bio-diversity and grounded wisdom of mama Earth !

At the heart of the yoga practice is a deep realisation of the interdependency of all things - yoga actually means oneness, wholeness, fusion and unity. In nature, nothings exist alone ( Rachel Carson 1962): each is connected to the other in the web of life.

It is this innate natural and circular intelligence towards balance that the ancient tantric yogis explored and aspired to embody in practices, rites and rituals that continue to with stand the test of time and we still practice to this day!

For urban yogi’s the invitation to embody the earth element ( known as Bhumi or Pruthivi in sanskrit) is a profound way to reconnect to the pulse of organic life within and around us.

Our journey begins with an earth invoking mandala vinyasa practice, circulating around the mat to massage our physical form and melt mind held tensions. Together we explore hip opening postures, offer some lower body loving ( hello hamstrings), heat the core and gravitate towards grounding asanas to rebound some earthly energy up into the heart ready for a serene meditation and generous relaxation.

Following the yoga practice we continue to explore the potency of the symbolic mandala ( translating as a container for essence) through a meditative guided art session where you complete your own micro to marco- cosmic creation! This is a deeply healing process to become absorbed in and fun too! - all materials ( paint, pencils, paper, brushes and of course some refreshing tea ) are provided.

This session is guided by yoga teacher and artist Bess Shipside.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.13.03.png



Ecstatically Aligned

Sunday 10th February 2-4 pm at Mudra Yoga London

Join Bess for a bhakti infused workshop that balances form, fluidity and feeling in a vinyasa krama journey to our own universal centre, through the space of the devoted heart. We will explore the well loved and beautifully expressive asana of Camatkarasana (commonly known as wild thing) through its true translation of 'the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart'.

Sequentially, we will build loving awareness and supportive alignment through inner listening of gross to subtle, fertilised with personal intentions and sensible body architecture.

Enjoy deeper heart opening in a progressive flow that explores your offering of the peak posture ( camatkarasana) as-well as playful variations and transitions, wrapped up with meditative space to integrate your experience in guided pranayama and relaxation.

Steady in Sadhana

Saturday January 19th 2-4 pm at Mudra Yoga London

'sometimes we make an effort to slow down the action, but in reality it is presence that makes the action slow down' 

Daniel Odier, The Sacred Texts at the Origins of Tantra

Cultivating steadiness and expanding awareness are integral and transformational threads in a sustained yoga practice. This immersive workshop is dedicated to attuning and softening our focus to the supportive presence within our incredible physical body- the annamaya kosha, through embodying the element of earth. 

Lightening our energetic imprint with spaciousness and stability in a moment to moment slow flow- we will explore rooted subtle strength, deep pulsating hip openers and warming rhythmic movements. Followed by a releasing and restful yoga nidra for a full spectrum yoga sadhana.