Thai Yoga Massage with Oils - Yoga Fusion Massage

Yoga Fusion Massage is a relaxing, holistic massage that combines traditional Thai Yoga bodywork with nourishing oils based deep tissue massage on the back and shoulders- providing a complete and powerful treatment that meets contemporary needs. 
This beautiful fusion allows us to work with the ‘sen’ lines of the body to harmonise and balance the flow of energy ( prana or chi) before working into the deeper layers of tissue with enriching oils to help release held tensions, knots or pain and bringing relief and deep peace to the body and mind. 
The grounding Thai Massage is given on a mat on the floor and is fully clothed. The techniques performed in this treatment include applied yoga stretches, static compression and gentle rocking, acupressure and effleurage - aiding mobility, physical performance and increasing vitality, while relieving many modern physical problems such as back-pain, stiffness, tension, indigestion, trapped nerves as well as stress and fatigue. On a deeper you feel more connected and sensitised with increased body/breath awareness and have the opportunity for essential self love and care. 
The oils work is optional and also done on the ground - please wear cosy and comfortable clothing. 

Benefits of Yoga Fusion Massage
Energy balancing and increased vitality
Improved range of movement
Deep relaxation; stress and pain relief
Increased body awareness  and physical performance
Improved circulation and postural alignment
May release trapped nerves in soft tissue and congestion along nerve pathways
may release restriction in breathing muscles and remove congestion in rib and lung areas

75 minute treatments
Time Slots available ( first to last appointment)
Tuesdays 12- 4 pm
Wednesdays 11.30- 4 pm
Thursdays 11- 2 pm
Saturdays 11-5 pm
Sundays 11- 3 pm
Evening appointments may be available on inquiry
To arrange an appointment please email: