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From finest trickle to cosmic cascade- I open and you pour. You are always pouring and gravity draws us together like a gentle timeless spring surge. My body a brittle bottle to be filled with energy self luminous, a-glow honey rich and as sweet too. From the centre to the sharpened edges the scratched patina smoothes just enough to feel- yes ! I am home. Our shared well is in cyclical motion, forever as dark bright and mysterious as the pull of the essential essence - we gather in the green scented vaulted heart ocean. Movement as joy and medicine from whispered waves to collected tidal mass- a salty cellular steep in soma. Your gentle invitation into the slipstream of softness from substratum to stratosphere is remembered by the iron in my blood. Ojas - life’s caress - auspiciously absorbed, incubated by inner chambers, caverns, pockets - delicious, delicate, eternal. A nightly shift to restore, release - eclipsed by pain once more open to peace. Wide inner eyes glazed and gazing in a kechari dristi, see through the void to ease in tickled drops of nectar that dripped from the domes. Aum Aum Aum is the resonant ahem of bones to rafters vibrant in brahmari- soaking the body as one big rasika tongue from the lightest touch. Then -ignition- life IS the touch of love. Permeated with the essence of being, and openly aware in that chemical messenger, anandemine, bliss -for being is both core and highest. In subtle spontaneity we cultivate and craft regeneration through recognition of jaw dropping, sublime soothing impulses held in the moons waxy wane. Reflecting earth’s light and soaking in her shadow essential surrender becomes the adhara- fertile soil for this single sapien seed who now bows in freedom to every wayside shrine.