More and more people are taking their practice & passion a step further and undergoing foundational and advanced teacher trainings in the yogic arts. There are also so many new courses popping up that interestingly, and actually quite ironically, you can shop around and find the teachers, structure, commitment , ethos and destination that suits you pretty much at the drop of the hat. Yoga traditionally was passed strictly from guru to disciple in an unbroken lineage- one would commit fully and promise to stay, learning from their guru for life. The Guru concept is frowned upon in the west, and a lot of this is due to misunderstanding of the meaning of guru, though some of it is due to power hungry individuals taking advantage of those around them. This is not yoga, no teacher should be putting themselves above another, it is part of the practice to act as love and compassion in full equality with others. If you look up Guru online most translations suggest a spiritual or religious master or leader, which brings up a lot of mistrust and suspicion for people in the west. The true meaning of Guru is one who shines a light, or illuminates the way. We often refer to the inner guru as our hearts intelligence.

Not to digress- as it has been for thousands of years- yoga, thankfully, is here to stay and is in continuous evolution- as is the nature of things. Our needs also evolve, no longer are we so immersed in nature, in-fact most of us our out of sync with natural bio-rhythms and suffer much physical , emotional and mental discomfort as a result. I believe it is our role, as humans who have a little experience and knowledge of how yoga has transformed our lives- to provide space for others to connect back into the raw purity of nature and our core selves and this is why i choose to live and teach in the city. What I have noticed is that this expansion, while creating more options and perhaps more opportunities to share the life changing benefits of yoga on many levels: also dilutes some of the vital elements of yoga tradition for convenience, people pleasing and self pomp-pleasure under the sneaky lasoo of the aham kara- the ego. This boom in yoga can be as confusing and daunting for many teachers as it is for students, especially when taking your first steps on the teaching path.

Here i offer a variety of tips, some general some specific for new teachers from my experience and observations, I hope they are useful. Remember we are constantly learning and adapting to different situations and students and there is no one size fits all yoga, as yoga is not seperate from you.