Bess classes always focus on the connection to breath; by the end I feel like I have completed a moving meditation. Her fluid flows feel challenging and restorative in equal measures. It’s always a unique experience.
— Laura, Yoga Student and Teacher

Bess’s teachings are embedded in the rich soil of Yoga and Tantra. These are known as sadhana shastra - practice orientated scripture. This is an embodied and all encompassing approach to vibrant connected living. We could say Tantra is the science of seeing, feeling and knowing the infinite through the finite. The purpose is to give each individual consciousness ( jivatman) spiritual illumination and knowledge of universal consciousness ( paramatman) by any means that is suitable and available. In a yoga class this is done systematically through asanas, pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation. When we invite the fullness of every experience to be lead by the heart- Tantra- to infuse our yoga practice we open to the flow of the universe, trust our instinct and inner intelligence, embrace ritual and bow to the mystic love that moves us, creating the ground (aum) for alchemical transformation.

Let’s take a few steps together on the path of this life. Let us move, breathe, sense, feel and then let go. A bold move towards truth.
My journey is offered to you, as part of our greater cycles. It is one of exploration, inquiry and love. It is one of learning, uncertainty, discovery and release. Where are we going? Towards a liberation of many levels- from a deep sigh out into samadhi. Through listening, curiosity and creativity we become deeply connected to our inner constant and elevate gracefully into the present moment.
Each physical practice is a moving meditation, which provides the opportunity for personal transformation and the open space for you to be fully you.  
Creative flows that honour lineage and tradition thoughtfully weave asana and movement with pranayama (breath expansion), mudra (physical and psychic gestures), bandha (energy locks). Every flowing session gently builds a cleansing heat that brings clarity and freedom for a more focused and serene meditation or full yogic relaxation.
Through yoga tension and stress are dropped and we experience a greater sense calm and ease in all we do. There is more clarity in our minds and balance in the physical and subtle systems of the body. The breath is the key to our contentment, happiness and the foundation of every class offering. We offer this breath up to something greater than ourselves, so we can be more grounded and open to all that is. 

we can explore *movement*stillness*balance*pranayama*nidra*meditation

From the very first class I took of yours, your serenity and warm, smiling energy was so apparent.
The way you greet your students - to the energy that you create within the sacred space, all come from such a well of love and an inner peace - and your knowledge of your Self.
These traits are the anchored within your practice and your teaching, so your sessions are nourishing and incredibly mindful.
That is not say that your classes are in any way easy. Oh no, siree!
On the contrary, I have experienced some of my hardest classes with you at the helm.
How this happens is not immediately apparent, as your classes weave breath, pranic intention and asana in such a way, as to make it very hard to isolate any one aspect of difficulty. All I know is, sometimes, my entire being has gone through the wringer!
It’s intoxicating and incredibly nourishing
— Wij, Yoga Student and Teacher